Dodge Hemi Highway

Start your engine and drive around in 15 different tracks, racing against other Dodge cars. Unlock new tracks, new cars of realistic Dodge racing cars by winning the races and placing best time. This is great game with great graphics and great racing tracks. Use the arrow keys to drive and press spacebar key to use the “Hemi Time” and get extra speed and acceleration. Try to unlock all cars and all tracks and be the best driver in this game. Have fun and drive safe.

Rating: 3.54 [Rate]

buggati veyron a aseeb (1 July 2012):
is it wicked
jady (7 April 2012):
this game is super 100% Clap hands
yashjain (16 October 2011):
better game Clap hands
jady (23 June 2011):
love the game it is great
prateek reddy (23 May 2011):
awsome game
shamoon akhter (18 May 2011):
yes this is good game Cool
shamoon akhter (18 May 2011):
gud games
keevan (12 June 2010):
this game is ****in good man
chiranjeevi (5 February 2010):
this is best ever game in which i have palyed really wonderfull game
Guest (14 November 2009):
this is the not bad Clap hands
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