Travesia rodante

This is great driving game where your job is to finish the race as soon as you can and place best lap time. Collect points on the track and thunder marks for extra speed. Get the magic star to enter the magic track full with points and clock for 5sec extra time. Try to avoid oil spills because they will only slow you down, also don't hit the cones because that will take some points from your bank. Use the arrow keys to drive and press spacebar to jump. Have fun playing this great and funny game.

Rating: 3.48 [Rate]

danny lova (24 March 2012):
the best
rita (19 November 2010):
it okay Hmm...  Hmm...  Wink
Guest (15 November 2009):
i like this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Clap hands  Happy
Guest (1 November 2009):
hi nice game i think its hot Cool
Guest (29 September 2009):
stupid game
Guest (17 September 2009):
its awesome
Guest (9 September 2009):
its good but it is so easy Wink  Wink  Wink
Guest (21 August 2009):
i think it is too easy
Sad  Sad
Guest (15 August 2009):
it ok but it need alot of improvement Happy  Cool
m.blount@Ruffner (27 July 2009):
nice game
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