Desi Auto

Desi Auto is simple racing game. Pass thru al checkpoints before time runs out and you will stay in the race till the end. Write your name and sit in the car. Use the arrow keys to drive and turning left and right. Good luck and have fun playing this game.

Rating: 3.09 [Rate]

DESI AUTO - Comments:
Guest (16 November 2009):
Its enjoying game Happy  Wave  Cool
Guest (8 October 2009):
its fine Hmm...
Guest (1 October 2009):
it's very very good for me
Guest (29 September 2009):
theres no desi babes in the game
Guest (18 September 2009):
i luv this effin game  Happy  Wink  Wave
Guest (18 September 2009):
its not so nice  Cool  Clap hands its ok
Guest (20 August 2009):
its fantastic Happy
Guest (14 August 2009):
this is good games
Guest (8 August 2009):
Clap hands  Clap hands  Cool  Cool  Wave  Wave  @  Hmm...  Happy  Happy  Sad  Sad  Winkhate it
Guest (8 August 2009):
okay @  Hmm...  Clap hands  Sad  Wave
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