License Quest

After driving in the Driving school you need to pass the License test and get your driving license. But you must pass the entire quest in the driving test first. Driving in a difficult situation need a lot of perfection and concentration. So drive careful and safe, collect as many points as you can for your best score and get the driving license. The police officer will try to make it hard for you so be careful. Use the arrow keys to drive and spacebar if you need to brake hard. Have fun and get the reward in the end of the test.

Rating: 3.77 [Rate]

smexylaura (1 September 2013):
this game is easy  Happy
harilpatel (17 January 2013):
man that that lady is hot
Sanjivanie (10 July 2012):
Abrar (7 May 2012):
this game is dirty
iloveporn27 (4 January 2012):
i love this game the officer is hot Happy  Wave  Clap hands
stigman98 (13 November 2010):
the stupid lady is fat and ugly and she gets in your  way Sad
melanie (14 September 2010):
it slow
melanie (14 September 2010):
is it good
bad boy freedom (11 March 2010):
the lady is hot
izziebabz (23 January 2010):
finished whole game that lady if ugly and stupid
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