Parking perfection 2

If you like the first version of this great game this is the challenge that you must not miss it. Another great parking tasks that you need to finish. Controls are the same like in the first game, arrow keys to drive and spacebar to brake hard. Donít hit other parked cars and finish the tasks fast as you can. Have fun.

Rating: 3.26 [Rate]

stigman98 (7 May 2010):
this game everyone can do Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool
stigman98 (29 January 2010):
i think it is easy because all you have to do is park Happy  Happy  Happy
Guest (18 November 2009):
hi there is there any new games Happy  Happy  Cool  Clap hands
Guest (14 November 2009):
This is like the easiest game on earth. I'm only 9 and i can do it. I am even a girl!!!!! Clap hands  Wink  Happy  Wave  @
Guest (10 November 2009):
this game is shit
Guest (25 October 2009):
i love thiss game xx Cool
Guest (29 September 2009):
can you ples help me
Guest (4 August 2009):
i hate this game its to hard and challenging
Guest (12 July 2009):
boring summer ever
Guest (12 July 2009):
this games is hard.please re-modle it so i can play
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