Bombay taxi 2

Try to finish all levels with safe driving and good parking. After hard day you need to help this tired taxi driver to park his taxi car on the marked place on the parking. There is a lot of different situation for parking so you need to handle with all of it .Be careful, donít hit other parked cars or people who are walking there. Use the arrow keys to drive and turning and spacebar to use the handbrake and brake hard when you need to .Good luck and Drive safe.

Rating: 4.18 [Rate]

BOMBAY TAXI 2 - Comments:
ticklechin (5 September 2011):
i like this game and i just then started Happy
Zul Real Madrid 3 747 (21 May 2011):
ok................ Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands
stigman98 (29 January 2010):
it is col but it is not easy so get your thinking hat on Cool  Wave
zain7654 (23 December 2009):
this games crap your all are dreanming
Guest (31 October 2009):
this game is good but is hard Happy  Cool
Guest (27 October 2009):
i like this game bcoz taxi r the best
beth (2 October 2009):
wicked game awsome rock on
Guest (12 August 2009):
Wave very good
Guest (31 July 2009):
Cool Good GAme
Guest (8 July 2009):
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