Fast and Furious 2

Select your car and start race on the road with a lot of traffic. Change gears, get some speed and avoid other vehicles on the road. Drive safe and donít hit other cars because they will slow you down. Use the arrow keys to drive and spacebar key to change gears. Release UP arrow key when you change gears.

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FAST AND FURIOUS 2 - Comments:
jordan43876 (10 September 2012):
sick game beat it in 5 mins  Clap hands
jack504 (25 July 2011):
the film is better Clap hands  Wave  Wink
the racer the best (11 April 2010):
Guest (3 November 2009):
I'm Hannah.
I really like this games and i watch it's film too.
Guest (7 August 2009):
cool ma game super duper game dude Happy  Sad
Guest (25 July 2009):
its really a very difficult game
nihal (12 July 2009):
Wave  Wave  Wave nice gamje
nihal (10 July 2009):
sik game
Guest (9 July 2009):
it is to hard to move the controls'because this computers keypad is really harrd!
Guest (9 July 2009):
hello brandy in hamilton this is tayla in christchurch
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