Dirt Bike Championship

Sit on your bike and race against your opponent in Dirt Bike Championship and try to win all races and finish all levels in this game. Pass over hard terrain and be better driver then you opponent. The road is hard to drive so drive careful and donít get killed. Use arrow keys to drive and navigate on the road. Good luck and win the race.

Rating: 3.07 [Rate]

Guest (21 August 2009):
its a cooooooooool game Happy
Guest (23 July 2009):
Today, i'm started to play
Guest (23 July 2009):
I never play before
Guest (17 July 2009):
you are idiot
Guest (3 July 2009):
this game best game ever play but not that cool
Guest (3 July 2009):
Guest (16 June 2009):
its gangsta Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool
Guest (28 May 2009):
the game is boring becosues  u all wae fall and wie u gies r siaing it is cool Sad  Hmm...
Guest (22 May 2009):
this game is so good that i could nut to it
Guest (31 January 2009):
THIS GAME IS SO AWESOME          its a cul game             hi every 1 Happy  Happy  Happy  Happy  Happy  Happy
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