Splash and Dash

Formula 1 is the greatest racing event in the world. Here is the chance to try how the Formula drivers feel in the bolides. Race in the circuit of Spain and finish the race in higher position. Use your driving skills on the track to beat other drivers. Donít forget to go in the Pit when you see that your tires or other parts are damaged, or you just go there to refill the fuel. The pit stop team needs your assistance, so give orders to the team members what to do. After you make changes on the car click the arrow go to the race and you will continue with race. This is a great game so enjoy in the race.

Rating: 3.15 [Rate]

Guest (22 October 2009):
hey this is chantelle from harrist tow high schooland i here  just to tell u that this game is really fun and exciting to play okay bye
Guest (17 October 2009):
Guest (12 August 2009):
it is crap
Guest (7 August 2009):
Guest (16 July 2009):
hi babes i love you
Guest (7 July 2009):
its a boring.
Guest (29 June 2009):
you are cool
Guest (30 May 2009):
it is rubbish
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