Planet Racer

Race on the various of planets against tough racers of all over the galaxy and win money, cars and a lot of rewards for upgrade your car. Select your car, then select the planet and try to beat all opponents and get them all money. After you finish in one planet go to anther one. Win as much races as you can and upgrade your car to be the best racing car in the universe. Use arrow keys to drive and press spacebar for extra speed.

Rating: 4.44 [Rate]

PLANET RACER - Comments:
izziebabz (20 November 2010):
yeh i no tht bit is really annoyin, u have to wait forever lol
izziebabz (5 August 2010):
best game eva holla
Guest (20 August 2009):
this is dee best game in the whole universe
Guest (29 July 2009):
i like it
Guest (18 June 2009):
i like to play dis game!!!!!!!
nice man!!!!!!!!!
Guest (4 February 2009):
i am the gueen of this game
Guest (3 February 2009):
this is the best game in the world  Cool
Guest (30 January 2009):
i am the king
Guest (16 January 2009):
hiyya ur game rocks lol :P:
Guest (21 November 2008):
The game is a little broken if i disline another challanger dosnt come so i spend loads on travel
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