Gone in 60 Seconds

This game is made based on the movie. You need to steal cars and drive it to the garage without get arrested by police. To get into garage you need to find key to enter there, key is on the street so you need to drive around and find it. Avoid police cars and road blocks to get to the garage safe. Use the arrow keys to drive.

Rating: 3.32 [Rate]

GONE IN 60 SECONDS - Comments:
CoolKid143 (21 September 2012):
this is kinda cool
race car girl (11 August 2010):
this is to hard for me Hmm...
Guest (30 June 2009):
crap game
Guest (2 January 2009):
this stinks Clap hands
Guest (25 November 2008):
this game is so boring i don't know y i went on it i mean i hvave a life unlike you lot anyway got to go now gonna get pissed at the age of 13 chowwwwwww !!!!!!!! (hehe  Wave  Wave  Wave
Guest (24 November 2008):
lamist game since the twinies on PS1 Sad
Guest (12 November 2008):
rubbish Sad
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