KGB Hunter

In this game you are one of the KGB agent and you need to fight the big bosses and the crowds of the mafia in western world. Drive around the roads and when you reach the bossís cars use your gun and weapons to defeat them. Shoot at the big trucks with weapon marks to aim good and stronger weapon. Use the arrow keys to drive, press and hold spacebar key to shoot. Try to pass all levels and defeat all enemies in this great game.

Rating: 3.87 [Rate]

KGB HUNTER - Comments:
akbar (29 March 2011):
love racing games Cool
rvaisakh2 (21 August 2010):
Stupid game
monkeys should play this game
billy345cool (10 August 2010):
whats the point goin and goin the road never finishes so i suggest that you get rid of this game because who ever made this game it is just a waste of time
Guest (17 October 2009):
nice game i would like to play always Clap hands
Guest (23 July 2009):
This game is fun at first but after a while the game gets dumber and dumber. Don't wast your time playing it. Sad  Sad  Sad  Sad  Sad  @
Guest (22 July 2009):
the game is an ok game but I think it is a 2 as a reating Sad  Sad  Sad  Sad
Guest (3 July 2009):
your game stinks Hmm...
Guest (3 July 2009):
this game is no good Hmm...  Hmm...
Guest (20 June 2009):
anyone there
Guest (11 February 2009):
Hmm...I think that this is good Happy  Happy  Happy  Cool  Wave
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