News Hunter 2

In this game you are a journalist working in the best news station in town. Get the story on time before your opponent get on the news place. So this is the news race against the journalist. Avoid the vehicles on the street and get first to the news. Keep you eyes on the damage meter and donít let your vehicle got wrecked. Collect the repair items on the road to repair you vehicle. Use the arrow keys to drive, brake and go left and right avoiding other cars on the road. Good luck.

Rating: 3.28 [Rate]

NEWS HUNTER 2 - Comments:
chris sanchez (24 November 2012):
Very slow game   Sad
Guest (8 November 2009):
please very slow loading i hope game must not be like loading-boring Sad
Guest (4 November 2009):
best game ever 123
Guest (26 September 2009):
it is very bore game Wave
Guest (8 September 2009):
very slow to load hopefully it works i will let you know Happy

Guest (4 April 2009):
iluv this game i play it everyday when i can Wink   Wink
Guest (14 February 2009):
Guest (29 January 2009):
very nice game i like news hunter 2 very load
Guest (25 January 2009):
those jokes are not funny Cool  @  Happy  Sad  Wink  Clap hands  Hmm...  Wave
Guest (1 January 2009):
gud game funny jokes  Cool
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