Star Racer

This is one great futuristic game with great space ships. Choose you space ship and select the planet for the race, defeat all opponents and try to finish in first place. Pass all checkpoints for bonuses and staying in the race. Donít hit the walls or other racers because you will lose some of your speed. Pass all races and become Star Racer. Good luck in playing this great funny game.

Rating: 3.55 [Rate]

STAR RACER - Comments:
road king (24 June 2012):
nice Clap hands
Guest (4 October 2009):
george32724966 (12 August 2009):
i not going to play this game because 5 people don't like isand 2 people like it
Guest (26 July 2009):
very pooooooor! dont try!!! Wave  Sad
Guest (25 June 2009):
nice game ................
Guest (19 June 2009):
cool man its not coming Clap hands
Guest (8 June 2009):
i think best game in racing

i just luv to play it Wave  Cool
Guest (1 June 2009):
dont like this game at allllll Sad
Guest (25 November 2008):
travis.lamont (20 June 2008):
travis rocks the  most
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