Monster Jam Destruction

This is great game to play. You can drive in both ways and destroy everything on your road. You are driving monster truck with great abilities and nothing can stop you. To pass the level you must get enough points and go the next one. Use the arrow keys to drive and press the spacebar key to jump high. And collect the bonus items. Good luck and have fun.

Rating: 4.22 [Rate]

Guest (28 September 2009):
Happy not bad,notgood
Guest (21 September 2009):
boring.... Sad
Guest (20 July 2009):
this game is just rubbish. very poor  Sad
Guest (13 July 2009):
i dont like this game
Guest (9 July 2009):
wow I finish it nothing happen
Guest (3 July 2009):
nice game Hmm...  Hmm...
Guest (17 March 2009):
its not doin ne thin atorl i completed it 4 times now
Guest (16 November 2008):
what is it suppose to do do
Guest (29 October 2008):
well when i complete it it doesnt do what its sopose so :
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