BMX Park

Drive around the park on the BMX bike and make some crazy jumps, flips and tricks. The green arrow in front of bike shows you direction of driving. Go on the big ramps and press spacebar key to jump, after the jump press A, S, D and F keys to make some great and crazy tricks. Use the arrow keys to drive around and collect as many points as you can in this funny game. For each trick that you are going to do you will get some points. So what are u wait for? Get on the BMX and go to do some tricks and having fun on the park.

Rating: 4.29 [Rate]

BMX PARK - Comments:
chris sanchez (24 November 2012):
Love it  Clap hands
11shaw (12 August 2010):
love it Clap hands
Guest (9 July 2009):
bad game
Guest (25 June 2009):
boooty wack borring Sad
Guest (7 June 2009):
Guest (31 May 2009):
my name is matt Clap hands  Wave
Guest (13 December 2008):
nice game matt
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