Alex Trax

Alex is locked in some heavy road and he need a key to unlock him self and get out of there. You need to help him to do that, Control Alex and his bike driving on some hard terrains and big hills and jumps. After you get him to the key for the next level just drive back to the exit door and go on. Use the arrow keys to control the bike and balance Alex, press spacebar to change direction and press Shift-key to jump, accelerate and make some cool stunts. Good luck and get Alex out of there.

Rating: 2.98 [Rate]

ALEX TRAX - Comments:
Jonathan01 (2 February 2012):
Good Game!!! Wink
Guest (8 October 2009):
world's worst game Sad  Sad  Sad  Sad  Sad  Sad  Sad
Guest (18 April 2009):
this game is way to hard to play maybe you should put in 10 chances love sarah
Guest (5 April 2009):
this game is the worst game i have ever played...CRAP
Guest (12 March 2009):
my screen is not working Sad
Guest (12 December 2008):
hi this is madison talking i like your games thanks for leting me play them Wave i like you
Guest (16 November 2008):
this games is crap
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