Ice Racer

Do you want one good challenge? Try to finish all stages in this great game with the best time you can get in the stages. There are a lot of levels and great roads to be drive for the first time. The challenge is good because the road is on ice so you must drive safe and donít get crashed. Use the arrow keys to drive and balance and use the back arrow key to brake if you need to.

Rating: 2.90 [Rate]

ICE RACER - Comments:
Zak (10 January 2010):
i like it not that much
Guest (17 September 2009):
Guest (5 August 2009):
this is the best game i ever played
Guest (8 June 2009):
i think the games is very boring and to hard <moon>
Guest (25 February 2009):
this game is hard Sad
Guest (16 February 2009):
it takes 2 long 2 load bt fun Wave
Guest (5 February 2009):
it ok but not really
Guest (4 February 2009):
The game is beter than Done Bugy Cool  Clap hands  Happy
Guest (17 January 2009):
i think its good but it gets annoying because you cant get to the next level i have not been on the next level so i am realy annoyed im glad that people are saying its a bit annoying because i dont want to be the only one saying that. anyway i think its good but it get's annoying so who ever goes on this game it is a little bit annoying from ??? you dont know what the next game wil be like.
Guest (22 December 2008):
y these games r loading it is good Cool
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