Turbo Glo Midnight Spin

Drive around the curse in the brand new car with great abilities and nitro. Collect power-ups and nitro pack on the road and use it in the tunnels for breaking the low of gravity and get more points. Use the arrow keys to drive and N-key to use the Nitro. Have fun and drive safe.

Rating: 3.58 [Rate]

Raceingchick (5 December 2011):
Clap hands  Wave AWSOME GAME!!
jasmin (28 October 2010):
this game is stupid
Guest (5 November 2009):
stupid game Sad  Sad  Sad  Sad  Sad  Sad  Hmm...  Hmm...  Hmm...
Guest (1 November 2009):
Sad  Wink  Cool  Cool  Clap hands  Clap hands  @every time i play i win because they get stuck on the track
Guest (14 October 2009):
It's a cool or fun game Happy  Cool  Wave  Wink  Clap hands  Hmm...  @
Guest (27 August 2009):
i love it Clap hands  Sad  Happy  Wave
Guest (14 August 2009):
i love a light cars. Cool
Guest (22 July 2009):
it amazing awsome Clap hands  Hmm...  Cool
Guest (20 July 2009):
awesome Clap hands  Cool
Guest (15 July 2009):
yes Wave  Wave  Wave
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