Uphill Rush

In this game you can choose the extreme sporting vehicle of your choice and drive it on the hard road with a lot of obstacles and hills. You must finish the stages on the easy mode and pass 3 levels and qualify for the normal and hard modes. Use the arrow keys to drive and balance on the road and press the Z-key when you gain turbo. To get turbo u need to make three 360 turns. Also there are stars on the road and if you get them you will get bonus points in the end of the race. So get on your vehicle and race :)

Rating: 3.76 [Rate]

UPHILL RUSH - Comments:
popoy (27 September 2012):
kadeemDboss (23 July 2012):
i love it
Cool game Happy
kadeemDboss (20 July 2012):
best game ever
brain lara (6 July 2012):
it game is cool Clap hands  Clap hands
jaavier (29 April 2012):
these are some good games  Cool
seandylan (9 October 2011):
Uphill rush is the best game I have played.I like the motorcycle game the skateboard game quad game monster truck game they are cool Happy  Happy
seandylan (9 October 2011):
This is the best game I have played
raza222 (5 October 2011):
this game is pritty mint :D
raja.muniappan (1 October 2011):
i like this game
seandylan (7 July 2011):
uphill rush is cool Happy  Happy  Happy
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