Parking Game

In this game you need to park the car with most then 90% accuracy, so be careful how you park the car. There are three different levels of parking: Level-1-park the car in series with the other cars, Level-2-park the car in parallel with the other cars and Level-3-park the car with caravanning the reverse angle with the other parked cars. Use the arrow keys to drive your cardoon hit other car backhouse you will lose some points. Good luck and have fun.

Rating: 3.06 [Rate]

PARKING GAME - Comments:
cherrylious10 (13 May 2012):
love it girl cherrylious
melanie (10 September 2010):
crap Sad
Guest (31 October 2009):
Guest (24 August 2009):
guest (24 august 2009)
the game was shit fuken shit Sad
Guest (24 August 2009):
the sthist game ever Sad  Cool  @  Wave  Wink  Sad
Guest (18 August 2009):
This game is alright
Guest (12 August 2009):
this is the worst i passed all the levels u should make the levels
Guest (5 August 2009):
What is the coolesr Cool
Guest (1 August 2009):
omg this game i cant even finish it what the freaking freak on some of these commets i do agree hit me up on gmail i luv you bestie arieon meshai franks your friend Micaleh Nicole Willis From Emerson Hope To See You At School I Miss Im Like Crying In The Inside Luv You Wave
Guest (24 July 2009):
that is a stupid game i hate it, it doesnt make sense at all !!!!!!!!!! Hmm...  Sad  Wave
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