Park a Lot

The VIP club has many members, they all come with cars to the great party, you are in front the club and you need to park the cars of the members. All members are coming and they will tell you where to park their cars, when they get out of the car you will see the number of the parking place for that car. Take the car to that parking place and get out of the car using Backspace-key. Use the arrow keys to drive and turn and spacebar to brake hard. When the party is over the VIP members will want to leave, so you need to get their cars in front the exit. Look the numbers and get the car to the VIP members. Have great fun with this great parking game.

Rating: 3.25 [Rate]

PARK A LOT - Comments:
Guest (15 November 2009):
Prince;cool but hard Hmm...
Guest (31 October 2009):
I dont like the game AT ALL
Guest (26 October 2009):
no breaks and the keys are sensitive Sad  Hmm...
Guest (24 September 2009):
Happy  Cool  Cool  Cool
Guest (31 August 2009):
this game is verry hard lol but its alright Hmm...
Guest (31 August 2009):
It takes a while ta load Sad  
but its a fun game Cool  Wink  Wave
Guest (23 August 2009):
this is a hard game omg it's fun but hard Cool  Sad
Guest (23 August 2009):
this game is so hard omg i like it but  it's hard Sad  Happy  Happy
Guest (24 July 2009):
i hate this game
Guest (13 July 2009):
this takes for long Wink
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