Sim Taxi

This is a great taxi game. Earn cash and drive the passengers to the wanted destination. The operator will tell you the destination of some passengers and you need to pick them up. If you are free and you donít want to wait for the operator to find passengers for you find them yourself. Drive through the city and you will notice a green circle around the citizens who need a taxi driver. Follow the compass in the left up corner of the screen to find the passengers and the delivering destination. Use the arrow keys to drive, 1, 2&3 keys to change the music channel. M-key is for turn on the music, N-key to turn it off, R-key for radio, < >-keys for music volume.

Rating: 3.88 [Rate]

SIM TAXI - Comments:
samruddhi mane (2 October 2012):

i so totaly love this game i could marry it. i wish i could download it though so i can play Cool
sophiegirl (29 March 2012):
i so totaly love this game i could marry it. i wish i could download it though so i can play it when i dont have wifi. Wave  Happy
sophiegirl (25 March 2012):
i love this game so much i could marry it.  Cool
chloebbe (16 August 2010):
hasib (11 December 2009):
Guest (19 November 2009):
@  i am so glad to be her

Guest (4 November 2009):
this game is the worst game ever it wont let me play it and everyone is sayin it is good Sad  Sad  Hmm... my name is olivia
Guest (1 November 2009):
it is the best game ever..i feel i like a  taxi driver..... Happy  Cool  Happy  Cool  Happy  Cool  Wave  Wink  Wave  Wink  Wink
Guest (16 October 2009):
how wonderful is this game its like am a real taxi driver oh my godnees Happy  Happy  Happy
Guest (29 September 2009):
glad to be in this website who ever made this game is a good gay because it is the best game i have ever played Wave  Wave  Clap hands
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