Ferrari XV

Test the new model of Ferrari racing car. Complete 5 laps on wet places, oil pool, and the secret tunnel where the speed is close to speed of light. Use the up arrow to start and drive, down arrow to go reverse and left & right arrows for turning, spacebar is for slowing down the car or brake. Race against the 4 opponents and try to be first. Be careful, minimum speed to survive the speed tunnel is 140mph. Good luck.

Rating: 3.37 [Rate]

FERRARI XV - Comments:
Alisonsun (22 June 2012):
i love play racing car games
jordanconibere18116 (21 March 2011):
wel i cant get on it at all
keevan (12 June 2010):
this game is kinda shit
Bill (5 May 2010):
it is shit Clap hands  Clap hands
Guest (14 November 2009):
This is shit
Guest (17 October 2009):
kind of cool from parth
Guest (5 August 2009):
Guest (4 August 2009):
this game is really bad
Guest (16 June 2009):
tyrese  comment  i  love  you  jamila
Guest (5 June 2009):
coolgameaosem Cool
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