Drive the old cabrio around the farm and pick up all your friends. Jump over the ramp and collect the sand clocks for extra time to finish the stage. The farm is big and you must be fast to get all your friends in the car. Use the Arrow keys to navigate and drive around the farm.

Rating: 3.59 [Rate]

BARNYARD - Comments:
LITTLEBIRD10 (23 December 2013):
I like the game but not as much as the show! Happy
Jonathan01 (3 February 2012):
Fun game Happy) Clap hands  Happy
udbhav (21 August 2010):
awesome gameeeeeeeeee
nank10 (9 June 2010):
THIS GAME IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guest (6 November 2009):
this  is    a    fun game
Guest (23 October 2009):
this game rocks my socks
Guest (10 September 2009):
george32724966 (5 August 2009):
this is a good game on this site
Guest (1 August 2009):
sik wat the fuk i cant even  get the last animal bitch  Cool  Cool  Cool
Guest (27 July 2009):
wonderful game
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