Dare Devil

This is a great bike jumping game. You need to jump over several of obstacles and survive all jumps. For each good jump you will receive points, use those points to upgrade your bike and prepare for the next jump. Spend the points very clever because some jumps need more speed, others more weight and good acceleration. Use arrow keys to drive the bike and A, S, D key to do tricks. After you land on the landing ramp press the backward arrow to brake or else you will crash.

Rating: 2.88 [Rate]

DARE DEVIL - Comments:
Guest (4 July 2009):
Guest (19 June 2009):
it was fun Clap hands  Hmm...  @  Cool  Wave  Wink  Sad  Happy
Guest (19 May 2009):
hello my name is khaleel i eat wee but this is good if i say soe thing bad sorry 2 years ago i came pakistan.
Guest (27 March 2009):
fukin shit only cunts like it
Guest (20 February 2009):
is good at matate
Guest (1 February 2009):
i love  Hmm...  u  Clap hands
Guest (13 January 2009):
wts mint lol x
Guest (23 November 2008):
its mint Cool  Wave  Clap hands  Happy
Guest (5 November 2008):
it is absulutely rubishSad
socceroo_fan@hotmail.com (5 July 2008):
it rocks
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