Heatwave Racing

This is NASCAR racing game with great attributes. You can choose a car from the 8-th choices of different NASCARís. The track is round like in the real NASCAR race, so be careful in the curves. You need to finish in 1st place to go to next race, and if you hit other cars you can wreck your car so donít hit other cars on the track. Use the up arrow to accelerate, down arrow to brake, left and right arrow to turn left and right, also use spacebar for using the Nitro placed on your car.

Rating: 3.56 [Rate]

sachin708 (24 October 2012):
Happy  Happy awesome game
Guest (8 November 2009):
this game is hard body Happy  Cool  Wave  Clap hands  Wink
Guest (2 November 2009):
cool man.i like it Happy  Wink  Wave  Clap hands  Happy
Guest (15 August 2009):
this is so cool Cool  Cool  Happy  Happy
fastcars1909 (27 June 2009):
Happy  Cool cool game the black car is my favourite
Guest (22 April 2009):
This game is very nice!
Guest (25 January 2009):
Guest (11 January 2009):
this game is hard Wink  Happy  Wave  Clap hands
Guest (10 December 2008):
the game is good Happy
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