Bike Mania On Ice

Need another great challenge for bike driving? This is a great game for having good time and fun. Bike mania has gone to Iceland and there are a lot of obstacles to pass through, get to the finish line in as less time as you can, but the new challenge is the ice. The road is slippery and you need to drive careful to stay on the bike. Try to finish all levels and place your best time on the list of legendary drivers. Good luck and drive safely.

Rating: 3.92 [Rate]

Guest (14 November 2009):
this was the best Clap hands  Happy
Guest (17 October 2009):
good game
Guest (29 August 2009):
nah its cool game well i like it lol!!!!
Guest (21 July 2009):
it good  Wave
Guest (21 July 2009):
good game its brill Wave  Hmm...  Clap hands  @  @  @  Happy  Happy  Sad  Sad  Wink
Guest (10 June 2009):
great game but 1 problem with description THERES NO ICE IN ICELAND ITS A NAME USED TO TRICK VIKINGS greenland is the one with ice
Guest (7 June 2009):
this is the best game Cool  Happy  Wink  Clap hands
Guest (1 June 2009):
it is toooooooooooooo easy for me make it challenging
Guest (1 June 2009):
this game is annoyin kme cause i die alot Sad but its still fun Wave  Cool
Guest (1 June 2009):
this is a very silly game i keep banging into the ice Sad
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