Drunk Driver

The driver in the car is drunk and he tries to stay on the road but canít. You must help him to go to the end of the road safety. There are a lot of cars on the road so try not to hit them or go out of the road because the car will blow. Use the mouse to help this driver to drive his car.

Rating: 3.95 [Rate]

DRUNK DRIVER - Comments:
Justin martins (14 May 2012):
The best game
cute (4 June 2010):
whats up Cool
Guest (13 October 2009):
Happy cool and fun game it is funny game.lol
Guest (7 August 2009):
worst games ever plyed
Guest (23 July 2009):
wot the hell?! Sad it dnt make sence Gwennan xxx
Guest (16 July 2009):
Guest (9 July 2009):
i cant control it man !!!
Guest (8 June 2009):
i do not like this game
Guest (27 December 2008):
this game make a trouble Happy  
Guest (14 November 2008):
dis games wank
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