3D Racing

Take a race in this good 3D game against two opponents and try to win. There are 3 different tracks for your satisfaction. In all 3 races you need to finish 10 laps and be in the first place to unlock the next track. Look at the radar, because that will help you to stay on the road and do not lose your speed. Use the arrows to drive: UP arrow to accelerate, DOWN arrow to brake and left and right to turn left and right.

Rating: 2.84 [Rate]

3D RACING - Comments:
keevan (6 June 2010):
is this game good people?
Guest (11 November 2009):
this games very boring Wink  Wink
Guest (21 October 2009):
stuff that cant even stay in a straight line Sad
Guest (9 October 2009):
very bad
Guest (28 September 2009):
ho thanks
Guest (26 September 2009):
bad very bad
Sad  Sad  Sad
Guest (17 September 2009):
its boring games Sad
Guest (17 September 2009):
i dont know play it
Guest (17 September 2009):
it'sboring game
Guest (14 September 2009):
i love this game
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