Carbon Auto Theft

Want to steal a car? And want to steal good one? This is great game to do that. To steal the car from the parking first you need to brake the code to unlock the car, use the arrow keys to do that. After you get in the car you need to drive it out of the parking. But donít hit other parked cars backhouse the police are fast and they will arrest you. Use the arrow keys to navigate and drive the cars you steal.

Rating: 3.89 [Rate]

road king (26 June 2012):
supurb Clap hands
SharStarZae (1 December 2011):
cheerleader (19 September 2010):
i love this F`in game! Clap hands  Wave  Happy  Wink
LOSARMENIA (22 August 2010):
hello Wave  Wave  Wave  Wave  Wave
cute (14 June 2010):
who here is a male cause i am a female
Jetpackjosh1 (1 January 2010):
kwl Cool  Cool
Guest (2 November 2009):
i love this game Happy  Cool
Guest (30 October 2009):
i like this game Cool
Guest (29 October 2009):
nice  game but making lots of mony Wave  Cool  Clap hands  @  Happy  Sad  Wink
Guest (29 October 2009):
i love this game Clap hands
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