Snowboarder XS

Snowboarder XS is an excelent 3D snowboarding game. Collect the stars and perform tricks.

Rating: 3.32 [Rate]

Car (26 December 2009):
Now is working, thank you.
Iram (26 December 2009):
it is good if u could actuall play the game i mean u would put  a game on internet without if cheeking if it works by
Iram (26 December 2009):
michaelraj70 (24 December 2009):
Guest (24 August 2009):
hi my brthday is on ester relley no liy ok mabey not
Guest (13 August 2009):
hi peeps Wave
Guest (30 July 2009):
try and beat me
Guest (25 July 2009):
i cant either
Guest (20 July 2009):
I cant get on Hmm...  @  Cool  Wave  Sad  Clap hands
Guest (18 July 2009):
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