Park My Car

Simulation fame for example of real parking. Park the cars on the free parking place between expensive cars but be careful, don't hit or damage other parked cars. Park the car on the spot for you with the front side of the car like is marked on the parking place. Use the arrow keys to navigate and spacebar to horn the dogs and peoples on the parking.

Rating: 3.77 [Rate]

PARK MY CAR - Comments:
melanie (10 September 2010):
it hrad : Happy
melanie (10 September 2010):
is hrad
Guest (19 November 2009):
This game is cool i love it Sad  Wink  Wave  Wave  Clap hands  Hmm...  @  Happy  Sad  Wink
Guest (18 November 2009):
hi this game cool Cool
Guest (15 November 2009):
the easier game for me Clap hands  Clap hands
Guest (13 November 2009):
very good
Guest (12 November 2009):
this game works
Guest (12 November 2009):
it was the mintist game ever Clap hands  Cool  Wave  Wink
sperry puppy (10 November 2009):
i love this game Cool  Happy  Sad  @
Guest (29 October 2009):
i think it was rubbish Sad
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