Tom And Jerry

First Game: Move Jerry using the Arrow Keys. Pick up and drop food to a hungry Nibbles with the Space Bar. The higher the drop, the more points you'll earn. Be careful: if Tom hits you three times, it's game over. Second Game: Move Tom using the Arrow Keys. Press Space Bar to throw water balloons at Jerry & Nibbles. You can only miss five times.

Rating: 3.56 [Rate]

TOM AND JERRY - Comments:
Hassan (16 October 2013):
hard game
_izza_ (23 August 2013):
i like this game it is so cool Happy  Wink  Cool  Wave  Clap hands
Meizhen Ding (11 January 2013):
Happy This game is easy......
megisy576 (30 August 2012):
dejah12 (26 July 2012):
i love this game  Clap hands  Clap hands
mellypop (9 June 2012):

i dont
mellypop (8 June 2012):
love it Happy
supraja (4 June 2012):
its awesome Happy
achatterJEE (28 May 2012):
FUNNY GAMEE Cool  Clap hands  Happy
shantvic (4 May 2012):
i love dis game 4rel it fun!!
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