Bubble Shooter

Your goal is to clear all the bubbles from the board, scoring as many points as possible.

Rating: 2.81 [Rate]

lozza (8 June 2012):
im at the top ov the board
Clap hands  Happy  Cool  Wave
Spoilritz (21 January 2012):
Awesome  Cool  Cool
lauz (12 September 2010):
love it Wink
stigman98 (8 May 2010):
this game rocks my head off Happy  Happy
Guest (18 June 2009):
Clap hands WOWZA THIS GAMES RULES!!!  Happy
Guest (26 February 2009):
this game is qite gud considering most of these games r pish
Guest (11 February 2009):
it is an interesting game that i can't get enough of!

Guest (16 December 2008):
this is the best bubble game ,but its driving me mad and making me late for work in the mornings
Guest (8 December 2008):
i like bubble shooter very much
Guest (19 November 2008):
i woold like to play the bubbleshootergame
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