Heavy Metal Rider

Finish all stages before the time is up. There are some coins on the road and you need to collect them to get more points. Keep your eyes on the road because there are a lot of vehicles and they can change directions, donít hit other cars and evade the oil on the road. Continue the race even if you crash other cars, but youíll loose time and accelerations. Use arrow keys to drive the bike.

Rating: 3.44 [Rate]

Guest (29 October 2009):
Guest (21 October 2009):
really love playing these game  
Guest (20 August 2009):
it takes to long to load but nice game
Guest (8 August 2009):
it is boring  Clap hands
Guest (12 June 2009):
It takes to long to load  Hmm... But great game
Guest (8 June 2009):
it rubish
Guest (8 June 2009):
Guest (6 June 2009):
i have played some but not all is interesting
Guest (17 April 2009):
Stinky game i never this kind of dirty game. i will give him 10 out of o points
Guest (22 February 2009):
Wave i think this game was so cool like Happy
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