Turbo Spirit xt

Very good sprint game with a great speed bikes. There are different competitions but you must start from the beginning of the bronze cup and get the gold cup trophy. The races are in the Germany, France and Japan. Each race has 5 checkpoints where you need to pass before the time is over for that section. You need to play using arrow keys, or muse. We prefer playing with mouse. Finish in the first place winning the race. Donít go off road to not lose your speed.

Rating: 3.20 [Rate]

kapil kailey (20 December 2009):
this is very boring game.i can't play this.
Guest (2 October 2009):
yeh that's great
Guest (15 September 2009):
Guest (31 July 2009):
this is the best game ever Happy
Guest (3 April 2009):
this is a really good game but it takes to long to load up.
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