Down Hill Jam

The aim of this 3D game is to ride your skateboard down the hill collect all the items you can, without crashing into cars and other obstacles on your way.

Rating: 3.45 [Rate]

DOWN HILL JAM - Comments:
samruddhi mane (22 September 2012):
its awesome Wave  Cool  Hmm...  Clap hands
dejah12 (28 August 2012):
i love this game Clap hands    Happy
brain lara (7 July 2012):
hi  Happy  Happy  Wave
tyler123 (23 May 2011):
AWSOME GAME  Happy  Wink
krisey (22 January 2011):
mii little brthr likez dis gameWink
the.billioniare (2 January 2010):
good game :]
Guest (18 November 2009):
hi ! this comment goes to koi  koi: dones not do anthing so thanks to evrey one and for us so we aproved that i can know that thanks
Guest (19 October 2009):
it is nice
Guest (24 September 2009):
Nice one but a little too easy. Hmm...
fahd (14 September 2009):
cool Clap hands  Clap hands  Clap hands
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