VW Fox Game

In this funny game drive the Volkswagen car down the street. The point is to drive safely and do not hit the bugs flying in different directions of your driving. You can avoid them by going left and right of the street using the left and right arrow keys. If you hit three bugs the game is over, so try not to hit them and go further as you can.

Rating: 3.21 [Rate]

VW FOX GAME - Comments:
izziebabz (6 March 2010):
Guest (22 August 2009):
it is soo wierd and stupid sorry!!!! Hmm...  Sad
Guest (22 August 2009):
i prested play but then it had this wired thing with a bug and a car but then it did not say start that is weird!!!?????
Guest (26 July 2009):
what kind of game is this. Clap hands  Hmm...  Wave
Guest (17 July 2009):
i hate game i taped because i do the game
Guest (23 June 2009):
its good i think  Hmm...
Guest (8 January 2009):
little intresting Cool
HIMZY11 (18 December 2008):
mmmmmmmmmm............. Happy good
Guest (19 November 2008):
very funny game
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