Legends Penalty Shootout

The object of Legends Penalty Shootout is to complete all rounds in the game.

Rating: 3.97 [Rate]

Bill (10 May 2010):
shit  Sad
zain7654 (23 December 2009):
its okay Wink
Guest (29 October 2009):
I Beat Man Utd in the final 4-2
Guest (22 October 2009):
Happy  Everton 4 ever
Guest (16 October 2009):
I hate chelsea i got to the final for the first time ever and i probaly played this game 60 times and i lost 13 14 Sad  Sad  Cool  Sad
Guest (15 September 2009):
everton.fc are the best team ever
Guest (9 September 2009):
how do you change team Happy  Hmm...
Guest (9 September 2009):
this games very stuped and crazy Sad  Sad  @  @  @  Cool  Cool
Guest (30 August 2009):
the game is fery best
Guest (25 August 2009):
this game is very bad Clap hands  Cool
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